With summer in full effect, the Denver artist formally known as KiDD is back with a new name and a new project to come along with it. It seemed as if he had took some time off  but that was never the case, over the past few months he was perfecting his craft by cooking up an EP. His music has shown tremendous progress since the release of his last project “TBCtheMixtape (Part 1), his single James Hardenearned him a spot on our “SWID (Part 1)compilation tape. After recently announcing that he would be releasing a project, 6th Ave is back with  a dope 7 track EP titled 6th Aveas well. In my personal opinion I believe my favorite tracks would have to be Wizzleand Been At”, his flow is very unique and his talent is definitely reflected through his music. Everybody go check out the project. Stay up y’all 

Posted by Omar Sekou Mitchell

Head editor and writer for DOPE